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Course Experimental Technical Introduction and Analysis Data in R

  • Director: César Bordehore Fontanet
  • Dates of Teaching: 10 to 14 July 2017
  • Sessions: 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 July 9 to 16.00 h (see program)
  • Headed to: Students of last courses, graduated, researchers and affine professionals to the study of the science, the environment, the half natural, pollution and impacts, etc. that they wish to expand his theoretical and practical knowledges of how tackle the approach of experiments and the contrast of hypothesis.Students and professional.
  • Place: Installations of the Scientific Station Montgó, in Dénia.
  • Like arriving
  • Contact:
  • Department organiser: Dpto. Of Ecology
  • Program of the Course
  • Preinscripción: Of the 15/04/2017 to the 05/07/2017. Link of preinscripción: Here
  • Criteria of Selection: In order of matrícula. By rigorous order of registration. If completed the course follows having applications, will create a list of wait. Squares limited (min. 12 - máx. 15)
  • Procedure of Registration: Once you request the preinscripción and are admitted, will receive an email with the data of access (key) to the UACloud where will be able to enrol you you same in the application "Matrícula". The term of matrícula will be opened from 1 June to 30 June 2017.
  • Matrícula
    • Date: Of the 01/06/17 to the 30/06/17 (having realised previously the preinscripción).
    • Price 297,50 %u20AC
  • Credits ECTS: 3,5
  • Minimum assistance required: 80%
  • Practical information:
    • This course poses like a complement formative applied to the approach of experiments, experimental development and analysis of data. We understand that it is of particular use of face to the editorial of TFG's, TFM's, thesis doctorales, scientific articles and professional works where the estadísitca descriptive and the experimental analysis was necessary. They will use preferably examples of ecology (terrestrial and marine), although also of other scientific disciplines (environmental sciences, chemical, medicine, etc).
      Like basic requirement requires graduated or last course of any scientific degree or technician, with some basic knowledges of statistics.
    • The activity will develop in theoretical sessions-practical of computer, and complemented with practices in laboratory and exit to field. Each student will have to will bring his portable computer.
    • Those students that wish it will be able to bring his experimental data so that they are treaties estadísticamente during the course.
    • The student that wish it will be able to remain to pernoctar in the installations of the Scientific Station Montgó (rooms shared of 2 to 4 people, according to model) until a maximum of 15. It has of 4 complete bathrooms.
    • The foods (desaryuno-eaten-dinner) will be to charge of the student. They will be able to do free and responsible use of the kitchen.
    • Will be able to award a scholarship by 50% of the cost of matrícula. The criteria to award the scholarship will be:
      70% half note of the courses realised
      30% letter of motivation of a maximum extension of 1000 words.

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